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Family-owned since 1920

Whipley Manor Farm is a 300 acre estate nestled in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has been family-owned since 1920. The farm currently produces cereal crops and meadow hay. We have diversified to create a vibrant complex of retail businesses within our traditional farmyard comprising of our animal feed store, a wine shop, florist, café, farm shop, deli and photographic gallery to name a few. Our aim is to build a community of like-minded businesses that work together to create an inspiring destination for people to visit and enjoy.

Whipley Manor Farm Fields


We are very proud that our family have been caring for Whipley Manor Farm for five generations and hope that it continues for many more to come.


Whipley Manor Farm 1920s

Whipley Manor Farm is a 300 acre estate which has been a family-owned since 1920 and previously, since the Napoleonic wars, the family had rented a 250 acre farm a few miles down the road. WMF was originally run as a mixed farm and grew wheat, barley and oats with a herd of beef cattle run over grassland and a dairy cow to provide the family with fresh milk.


Whipley Manor Farm 1950s

During the early 50s pedigree Large White pigs were introduced to the farm. The herd was in the top 20 nucleus (bloodline) of breeding herds in the country. They were exported around the world to improve existing herds and sold at the old Guildford market.


Whipley Manor Farm 1960s

Later in the 60s, a flock of 200 Suffolk sheep was added which were also taken to the local market on a regular basis. Over time the flock grew to 400 lambing ewes. The sheep provided the “golden hoof” to aid the nutrient content in the soil and this practice is continued today.


Whipley Manor Farm 1980s

The farming business started diversifying from classic mixed agriculture in the 80s when we established the Animal Feed Store to supply neighbours their farm animal, equine and pet feed. As demand increased the farm opened a much larger feed store, which has grown significantly and is today a thriving business and has become a major supplier of equine and small holder feeds. We started converting barns during the 80s as commercial lets and slowly over the past few decades the number of small businesses running from the farm has steadily increased and we now have over a dozen which comprises a vibrant community of rural businesses.


Whipley Manor Farm 2000s

Throughout the years we have continued to grow winter cereal crops on rotation which still include wheat, barley and oats but we also produce oilseed rape and fodder beans. We are now farming a little over 400 acres of which 200 acres is down to cereal production, 150 acres in grassland producing hay and the remainder is woodland. Most of our produce is sold directly to UK grain merchants but we sell some of our own bagged wheat and conventional bales of hay and straw through the Animal Feed Store.


Whipley Manor Farm 2021

We are excited to be working with one of our tenants (Silverback®) for the launch of our rebrand which includes this website. We are also creating smart road-front signage and internal estate signage.

An exciting new addition to our community is a long-awaited café which will operate from the North Barn in the courtyard. There will be indoor and outdoor terraced seating serving delicious meals, snacks and drinks. It is called Madding Café run by the very talented chef David Barber.

The Future

Whipley Manor Farm furture

Short term, our next major project is the conversion of the Listed Barn which is a beautiful 600 year old traditional oak framed structure. The barn will mirror the East Barn occupied by Taurus Wines and we hope it to become a yoga and wellness centre which will certainly complement the existing businesses.

Our long-term goal is to replace the current Animal Feed Store with a larger, purpose built facility to accommodate our customers’ needs. The new store will have mezzanine floors and will be able to further expand it’s product range. The position of the building will move towards our existing grain store and warehouse to enable articulated lorry deliveries to unload behind the shop creating an improved flow of traffic around the yard.

We are proud that our family have been caring for Whipley Manor Farm for five generations and hope that it continues for many more to come.

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